Logo and Website For Sure Shot

This personal project is a fictitious project but was originally inspired by a surf photographer and videographer. His work is very impressive and stunning. Furthermore, he focused on creating video content for small businesses mainly from the surf industry.
scope: web design, developing, logo design

personal project 2018
Mood Board Work Examples

01 work examples of sure shot

So I challenged myself to create a new logo that also conveys the style of the work. I also wanted to design an appropriate website that has a clear layout and mainly focuses on the actual work examples. You can have a look at the website here
Sure Shot Logo Development

02 logo development – viewfinder

Sure Shot Logo Development

03 logo development – reduced viewfinder

Sure Shot Final Logo

03 final logo

Sure Shot Photographer and Videographer T-Shirt

04 work t-shirt

Sure Shot Photographer and Videographer Business Cards

05 business cards

06 website

Sure Shot Photographer and Videographer Website

07 website

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